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About me
Life means change
Self-determined changes make us strong
0221 29861442

About me

You want to take full advantage of your potential and that of your company. I support you as a coach and consultant. I am a graduate psychologist and graduate in business administration. I have many years of professional experience as managing director of well-known companies. That is why I know what power the right strategy can unfold and how you can make personal and entrepreneurial progress.

Life means change. Self-determined changes make us strong. For this, we must set ourselves goals and develop new forces. In this way, I will help you as a sparring partner.

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Do you have questions about my method or you want to know if we can communicate with each other and I understand your problem?

I am glad that you are interested in my coaching. You may contact me on my phone: 0221 29861442.

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Hans-Georg Lauer

Coaching in Cologne:
Hans-Georg Lauer
Tel.: 0221 29861442
Christophstraße 31
50670 Cologne
Coaching in Bonn:
Hans-Georg Lauer
Tel.: 0172 6478000
Rüngsdorfer Straße 1a
53173 Bonn
Hans-Georg Lauer Business- & Life-Coach
Lassen Sie sich unverbindlich beraten! In einem kostenfreien Gespräch lernen Sie mich und meine Arbeitsmethoden kennen und wir erörtern gemeinsam, wie Sie Ihre Ziele erreichen können.