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What is Coaching?

As a form of professional counseling, coaching helps my clients to maintain and improve their performance, both for themselves and for the company, the authority or administration (professional coaching) or for the family (private coaching). The individual development goals of my clients are focused on their professional or private interests.

What is Coaching in your point of view?

In coaching I encourage my clients to develop their own solutions that fit their situation and personality. There is no solution “off the shelf”. My client learns to recognize and solve his problems independently. By means of coaching, I would like to enable my clients to develop their attitudes and behaviors in such a way that they can achieve effective results and use new problem-solving techniques in the future (= help for self-help).

How does Coaching work?

In addition to the use of scientifically based methods, coaching remains a very strong personal service . I always experience that the relationship to my client is very important. By actively listening and providing a good and reliable relationship to the coachee, I am creating an essential prerequisite for the success of the change process.

How to develop new attitudes and behavior through coaching?

In coaching, I offer my clients a “safe” space for change . I am trying to improve new things and apply them with myself. Together, we look at the strengths (i.e the talents and competencies) and examine how the client can use his strengths even more intensively.

What is a typical coaching process?

More about my coaching process can be found at How i work. It is important to me that my clients come to action and work on the implementation according to the principle “try something and see if it works”.

Who can benefit from coaching?

You will then benefit from coaching when you open up and fully engage in the coaching process. People with a motivated, critical level of learning are the most effective in coaching.

What makes a coach good?

The European Coaching Association has developed a list of criteria that I consider useful to determine the professionalism of a coach. These include: a professional coaching training, a social sciences degree, several years of professional experience as a coach, a good methodological knowledge, criticism and integrity. In addition to these “hard facts”, it is crucial, in my experience, that the coach is always in a position to adapt to his clients’ needs.

What methods do you use for coaching?

I work with a mix of different methods that have one thing in common: they are mostly scientifically based: solution-focused coaching, working with beliefs, tetralemma for decisions, experiential learning, mediation in conflicts, and other methods.

What is the difference between you and other coaches?

Coaching is, according to my opinion, based on three pillars: the professional, the psychological and, what characterizes me: my double education. I am a graduate in business administration and a graduate psychologist, and have 20 years of international management experience. These are the facts. Everything else you decide in personal dialogue with me. I offer you a preliminary talk so that you can get to know me and my coaching style.

Where do i find the right coach?

Since the professional title “Coach” has so far not been protected by law, the range of providers is also great. Here I refer to the coaching associations, which ensure a quality assurance in the market. I myself am a certified member of the German Coaching Association DCV e.V., which has long stood for quality in coaching.

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