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Application Coaching

Application Coaching

How much do you already use all the ways into the labor market today? How do you present yourself in writing in the CV and how do you appear in the interview? What are your professional skills and your own personal strengths and how can these be found in your application documents? Have you already found your distinctive “brand profile”?

Application coaching for a successful career change

My application coaching optimally prepares you for your market presence and job interview. Often there is no second chance for your first impression. They learn to overcome stage fright and to present themselves in a self-confident manner, also in front of board and supervisory boards. We simulate your appearance, if desired also by video analysis. Together we will discover possibilities for optimizing your gestures, facial expressions and your appearance. Here I use findings from the “status analysis” or the improvisational theater.

As a career coach I would like to make you even more successful in your application and presentation process. Take advantage of my career advice (youtube carrier Coach Hans-Georg Lauer)!

Duration: 3-5 sessions, individually depending on the request. Upon request, I accompany you during the entire application process.

Costs: I am happy to make you a non-binding offer. You can deduct your expenses as income tax expenses.

Non-binding coaching request


Do you have questions about my method or you want to know if we can communicate with each other and I understand your problem?

I am glad that you are interested in my coaching. You may contact me on my phone: 0221 29861442.

your sincerely,

Hans-Georg Lauer

Coaching in Cologne:
Hans-Georg Lauer
Tel.: 0221 29861442
Christophstraße 31
50670 Cologne
Coaching in Bonn:
Hans-Georg Lauer
Tel.: 0172 6478000
Rüngsdorfer Straße 1a
53173 Bonn
Hans-Georg Lauer Business- & Life-Coach
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