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Successor Coaching

Successor Coaching

Coaching for succession in medium-sized business / family business

The succession in the family business is not a project in which only one discipline would be involved. On the contrary. In addition to tax and civil law, economic and psychological expertise is required. The succession in the family business is a project which almost demands a network of different disciplines. This is the responsibility of the company’s successor in Germany (= UNZD), of which I am a member. The UNZD is an association of experts specializing in the topic of succession. They work hand in hand when it comes to developing a complete solution for company succession.

The members of the company’s successor center in Germany are specialists who are proven to have extensive experience in this field and are able to solve all relevant problems and tasks of the company handover or take over in a tight alliance. Their professionalism and diligence are the basis for a proper and effective approach to ensure a successful execution.

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1. The entrepreneur makes his goals and motives clear

In a first step, the surrendering entrepreneur should be clear about his own interests and goals: what is really important to him in life, what did he build the company for? He should also be aware of his feelings towards the persons involved, the company and the successor process. These feelings and motifs should be part of their goal definition.

2. Affected parties

In a second step, the entrepreneur should visualize the emotional situation and interests of the others in the successor process.


Decisive for a successful succession is to understand which persons belong to the internal system of the entrepreneur. If the group of persons is established, these persons are to be involved early in the succession process.

In addition to the legal and business-oriented approach, the early consideration of the persons involved in the succession process is also essential. The entrepreneur is well advised to know the motives and interests of this circle and to involve them. This is the only way to develop a solution that is adapted to the individual family and company situation.


3. Similarities / differences in objectives and motives

A third step is to examine the similarities and differences in the motives and objectives of the transferee and entrepreneur and the other persons involved in the family and company. The values ​​of the entrepreneur are, according to my experience partly not partly but not always negotiable. Motives of the entrepreneur in the succession process can be: preservation of life, financial security in old age, successful transfer to the next generation, preservation of as many jobs as possible, successful asset management, etc.

4. Economic inventory

In order to ensure the security of the company or to derive an adequate purchase price from an external buyer, a business management inventory is required. In addition to the balance sheets and the income statement for the last three years, the company must also review the markets and products on which the company operates.


Ultimately, this inventory is concerned with the future viability of the entrepreneur’s entrepreneurial strategy and the strategic tasks to be undertaken by the entrepreneur. This also determines the competences a future competitor should bring, Is more a sales force, a production or development specialist.

On the basis of a strategic review, the customer has ultimately also the certainty that the future viability of the company is also secured without an entrepreneur.

From entrepreneurial view, the inventory should be comprehensive, i.e. The entire private and business capacity of the entrepreneur, as well as his personal circumstances and objectives, in order to meet his consumer wishes.


5. Implementation in a civil and tax model

A fifth step is to translate the existing findings into a civil and tax model. A failed succession then inevitably leads to the corporate crisis.


Only a holistic successor model, in which the people involved and their predetermined goals are first taken into account in all phases, enables the entrepreneur to concentrate on his future outside the company. As a business coach, it is therefore a special concern for me to specialize in the psychological side of the company succession.


Successor Coaching

As a business coach, I have specialized in the psychological side of succession. In addition to the purely commercial and fiscal design, my experience shows that succession processes are successful if the motives and interests of all stakeholders are taken into account. If strategy and company substance are viable, succession processes hardly succeed in the tax and civil law design, but probably in the “human” component. As a coach for the company succession, I know that it is mostly the psychological factors (motives, values ​​and interests) that are important in the succession process.

When it comes to the people involved and their relationships, I look at the succession process with a systemic view. As far as a second system, the family, is concerned, I consider the interweaving of the two systems enterprise and family.

I would like to offer you my coaching for company succession. Together we work out solutions for your specific succession situation. I would like to work in my offices in Cologne or in your company.

Duration: 4-6 dates, depending on specific successor request

Costs: I am counting on actual hours. I would be pleased to provide you with a noncommittal quote for your successor request. You can reach me at 0228-85041537 or 0172-6478000.

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Do you have questions about my method or you want to know if we can communicate with each other and I understand your problem?

I am glad that you are interested in my coaching. You may contact me on my phone: 0221 29861442.

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Hans-Georg Lauer

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