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Appearance and performance

Appearance and performance

There is hardly a competence that is so important for executives today, such as the successful appearance and the sovereign presentation. Executives can only communicate their vision and strategy effectively if the presentation and presentation are authentic and coherent. From the strategy conference to the management meeting to the customer presentation, your presentation skills are in demand everywhere. The higher you rise in the hierarchy, the more important it becomes for you to rhetorically convince. My performance coaching serves this purpose.

What you’ll learn in my appearance coaching

  • To improve your selfconfidence
  • To become aware of your appearance and your impact
  • To work on your language, gestures and facial expressions to work (if desired with video feedback)
  • to go calm and confident to critical meetings and presentations
  • to argue convincing
  • To develop a suitable elevator pitch for you
  • Build your own image or develop further


As a management coach, I know typical topics around appearance and presentation from my own “manager life”. So I bring not only my tools but also my knowledge of experience in our coaching. I support you in strengthening your presentation and persuasion skills. Together, we will work out suitable behaviors for you, how to effectively master current and future performances and deal professionally with stage fright and critical customers / listeners.

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Ich freue mich über Interesse an Coaching in Köln. Sie erreichen mich unter +49172-6478000.

Das Coaching Köln führe ich an folgenden Standorten durch:

  • In meinen Coaching-Räumen: Lindenstraße 43, 50674 Köln, 0221 29861442
  • Im Rotonda Business Club, Salierring 32, 50677 Köln
  • Vor Ort in Ihrer Klinik

Coaching in Köln:
Hans-Georg Lauer
Tel.: 0221 29861442
Lindenstraße 43,
50674 Köln
Coaching in Bonn:
Hans-Georg Lauer
Tel.: 0228 85041537
Rüngsdorfer Straße 1a
53173 Bonn
Hans-Georg Lauer Business- & Life-Coach
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