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Leadership and succession

Leadership and succession

Takeover of a new management function

Leadership change is the order of the day in a dynamic economy. With the help of a new management team, not only should new momentum be imparted, but also the current challenges of the company / area should be tackled.

In my coaching practice, it shows time and again how important the first few weeks and months are in a new leadership role. During this time, managers lay the foundations for a successful career development. The better prepared you are for the new role and the associated expectations of superiors and colleagues, the more likely you are to succeed. However, in many companies it is still the case that new leaders do not adequately prepare for their role but are pushed into the “cold water” with an appeal to their natural leadership skills and reference to their expertise.

What you’ll learn in my coaching sessions:

  • What you need to keep in mind when taking the lead for the first time
  • How to prepare for a new leadership role
  • What you should be aware of in the first weeks after assuming a leadership position
  • What your program should look like for the first 100 days in the new leadership role
  • How to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your employees
  • How to build a reliable network in your business

Support for your successful access:

As a management coach with many years of own management experience, I support you in assuming a new management function. In doing so, I’m not only contribute my expert knowledge but also my experience of many years of my own leadership experience. They prepare systematically for the new function. Together, we evaluate the initial feedback from your team and your supervisor and develop a process model.


I would like to offer my career coaching / job coaching in German or English. Together we work out solutions / perspectives for your specific professional situation. You can com to my office in Bonn or Cologne or i visit you at your companies’ place.

Duration: 4–6 sessions, individually depending on the request. Upon request, I accompany you during the entire application process.

Costs: I am happy to make you a non-binding offer. You can deduct your expenses as income tax expenses.

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Coaching in Köln:
Hans-Georg Lauer
Tel.: 0221 29861442
Lindenstraße 43,
50674 Köln
Coaching in Bonn:
Hans-Georg Lauer
Tel.: 0228 85041537
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