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Conflict management

Conflict management

Conflicts can bind a great deal of strength and energy in companies. Sometimes they are held open, sometimes hidden. Executives feel attacked as a person and no longer focus on the subject matter. In the foreground are injured vanities and the desire for satisfaction. This can cost the company a lot of time and money.

One-sided surrender or enforcement at the expense of the other is often not the most effective behavior. Although you solve the conflict at short notice, but may not a satisfactory solution for the company.

What you’ll learn with my coaching:

  • Recognizing and addressing conflicts in a timely manner, i. use appropriate conversation techniques
  • To differentiate between role, value, and distribution conflicts
  • To name conflicts as what they are, namely different views on values and norms
  • To develop criteria for constructive compromises
  • Develop appropriate solutions with the counterparties
  • To resolve a current conflict properly


Behavior in conflict situations

As a management coach I know typical conflicts from my own “manager life”. So I bring not only my tools but also my knowledge of experience in our coaching. I support you in strengthening your own ability to deal with conflicts. Together, we work out appropriate behaviors for you, how to effectively resolve current and future conflicts, and how to deal professionally with “difficult” employees, colleagues and supervisors.

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